Chris Terrill



Most attend school, and despite different languages and different economic circumstances the schools are largely the same; desks in tidy rows, a teacher at the front of the class instructing students from a standardized curriculum created long ago and often completely detached from important issues that students care deeply about. However, my research has uncovered …

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The educational landscape of Costa Rica is full of contrasts.   The literacy rate in Costa Rica is among the highest in Latin America at 97.9%.  Pre-K through Elementary is compulsory and free.  In 1949 Costa Rica adopted a new constitution after a brief Civil War, establishing voting rights for women, the abolishment of the …

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South. Costa Rica is bordered on the West by the Pacific Ocean and to the East by the Caribbean Sea.  From the calm waters of the Caribbean to the legendary surf of the Atlantic and the lush mountainous jungle …

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